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Fashion Forms

Tape 'N Shape Breast Tape Roll 15505 - Beige

Tape 'N Shape Breast Tape Roll 15505 - Beige

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Fashion Forms

This semi-opaque breast lift tape gives you the ability to place the tape where needed for best effect, whether it's a special occasion, workout, or everyday need. Made of cotton and nylon with medical grade adhesive.

  • 16.4' long
  • 2" wide
  • Tape comes on a roll so that you can easily pull and cut pieces to the length and shape you need.
  • Medical grade adhesive allows tape to securely adhere to the skin and support.
  • Various style suggestions are displayed on the box - tape can be cut and worn any way you need for instant additional support or protection.
  • Works well as a protective layer under sports bras and clothing to reduce chafing, or to help absorb sweat below breasts or any other area where it may collect.
  • Increase support by layering tape segments.
  • Resists water for up to 12 hours of continuous wear.
  • Wear with deep plunge, backless, halter, or other tricky necklines.

To wear:

  • Wash thoroughly without oils or moisturizers.
  • Rinse skin and dry thoroughly.
  • Wear a breast petal (not included) if applying tape over the nipple.
  • Cut to the desired length and adhere tape to skin.

To remove:

  • To remove, dampen the back of the tape where it meets the skin and gently peel it off - pulling against the tape, NOT straight up like you remove a bandage. You may want to soak the tape with baby/coconut oil for 15 minutes before removing.
  • Use baby oil to remove any remaining adhesive residue.
  • Dispose of tape after removing.


  • Read all instructions before wearing.
  • Perform a skin test before extended use by wearing for up to 4 hours.
  • Do not use on open cuts, rashes, skin disorders, white patches, damaged or sunburned skin, or skin depigmentation problems.
  • Do not wear overnight. Recommended wear for 4-6 hours at a time.
  • Not recommended for those with sensitive skin.

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