Collection: REVOL Undies

At REVOL Cares

We believe that you should feel completely protected during your cycle, but you should also feel EMPOWERED, whatever that means for you. Whether it's feeling sexy, or having gender-affirming menstrual care, or period undies that actually fit you properly - no matter your size - simply whatever gets you feelin' your most badass, you'll find it here!

Made with a proprietary bamboo fabric that feels so luxurious you’ll never want to take them off, the breathable, four-way stretch moves with your body while maintaining its shape, even after 12 hours. These undies are made to be washed over 100 times, giving you up to four years of reusable wear with each pair.

Oh, and did we mention that we don’t believe you need to have harmful chemicals in your undies to make them leakproof? These are certified *PFAS-free (as they should be) to keep you dry without harming you or the planet.