Collection: Seamless (moulded)

A seamless bra is designed to be invisible under your clothes, with no seams that might show through. Seamless bras feature cups that are usually covered with a single piece of fabric that has no seams or stitching.

  • The cup is made out of a single piece of fabric and has no seams through the middle of the cup. (As opposed to a bra with the cups made of different pieces of fabric sewn together to form the cup shape).
  • Moulded bras may also have foam padding in the cups. Bras with foam padding are often called t-shirt bras.
  • A moulded bra cup holds its shape, even when not being worn. If you set it on a table, the cups will retain their dome shape. 
  • Moulded bras get their name from the heat moulding process that makes the cups.

You'll find seamless bra designs in a variety of styles, including: T-shirt bras, sport bras, underwire, and wireless.