Collection: The Little Bra Company

The Little Bra Company® bras are different because they design bras especially for petite and smaller-framed women. The scale is based on a petite body type, so the proportion is based on a smaller figure. Just like a petite pant fits a petite woman better, TLBC’s bras fit the same way. (Note: The petite customer in the intimate apparel world is not necessarily just 5’4” and under. Taller customers may have a smaller rib cage and/or bust frame and therefore fit these bras better as well.)

Now the petite woman has options--everything from a fashionable lace push-up bra, to a lightly lined t-shirt bra. In this petite size range there are different body types. Therefore, there are options of a wider-set or closer-set bra.

Note: The Little Bra Company's bras are designed to fit petite frames. They fit differently than other brands. Please refer to the sizing charts to determine your size in this brand.