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Kim Leakproof Period Cheeky Panty - Light Flow (15ml) - Black

Kim Leakproof Period Cheeky Panty - Light Flow (15ml) - Black

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Hello gorgeous! Kim isn't just lingerie; it's an ode to self-assurance and style crafted exclusively for your lighter days and those moments of spotting. With its cheeky lace-back design, this piece redefines the art of feeling exquisite throughout your menstrual cycle, but is so alluring that you might just find yourself reaching for them on non-menstrual days too.

Whether it's for lounging, a night out, or simply embracing the joy of being comfortable in your own skin, The Kim is there to make you feel fabulous with 15ml of light leak-proof protection.

  • Soft, four-way stretch outer fabric
  • Protective middle layer that is breathable and leak-proof
  • Cotton/bamboo inner layer that is absorbent, breathable and naturally anti-microbial


    1. Wash before first wear to ensure maximum absorbency.
    2. Immediately after use, rinse in cold to lukewarm (not hot) water with a mild detergent or dish soap.
    3. Wring out and rinse until the water runs clear and soap suds are gone.
    4. Machine wash in cold/warm water (DO NOT use any fabric softeners)
    5. Hang to dry!

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      Note: Panty only; accessories not included.

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