Fashion Enhancers - Silicone Inserts - Clear

Fashion Enhancers - Silicone Inserts - Clear

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Fashion Forms

Silicone filled push up pads fit inside any bra or swimsuit.

• Fashion Enhancers® accent your natural shape while increasing your cup size, from one-half to two full cup sizes
• Fit into the cup of your favourite bra or swimwear.
• They warm to your body temperature and naturally mould to fit the shape of your breasts.
• Adhesive free
• One pair per pack
• Clear
• Sizes: A/B, B/C, C/D

How to Use:
1. Slide pad into the cup of your bra under the breast to create lift and cleavage.
2. Repeat on the other side.
3. Move the pads towards the outside edges of each breast to achieve more cleavage.

Care & Composition
• Reusable if care for properly by hand washing with mild soap and water, air drying
• 100% Silicone

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